Bridget Jones' Diary

from by Spot Collins

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I feel a breeze I guess we must have left the window cracked,
And the morning dew has gathered in the dimples on your back.
Oh you know I can’t resist you when you roll your eyes like that.
But really ain’t the sunrise something sweet?

I stumble up to have a smoke and shake the sleep away.
Feels like a cool rain’s just stopped falling,
It’ll feel that way all day.
Me, I’m feeling like a drive,
Maybe the coast?
What do you say?
You know we could hit an IHOP on the way.

Cut to see you sitting on the beach,
Squintin’ at a copy of Bridget Jones’ Diary.
You turn to see me sleepin’,
Wayfarers way far down my nose.
And we both feel pretty happy I suppose.

So come out to the car and settle in.
It’s really not that far,
I bet we’ll get there before ten.
Put your feet up on the dashboard,
Let your hair blow in the wind.
It’s funny how the summer tends
To always go and come back ‘round again.

Oh, remember when we felt so crowded among all the concrete,
It clouded our lungs.
But from that pressure we did run.
And baby, it’s plain to see—
Sometimes you just need some space to breath.
We’re not selling out, we’re buying in;
To the only thing that counts,
The only race you gotta win.
And we’ve got a new momentum
And some sense of filling in.

And on the way home,
Your head leaned against the window—
I know why my eyes don’t see right half the time.
Because this life,
It burns so bright that it robs me of my sight.

If given long enough it’s all the same.
From the math on the blackboard, to the back porch in the rain.
In a way it lasts forever, though it often changes name.


from Lots of Friends & Money, released December 20, 2016




Spot Collins Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Rock and roll is okay.

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